I am Mother, I am Chef

I can cook for you, the way I cook for my Children

"Suvvai" pledges a bond between mothers who want to cook, at their home and market the food that they had prepared with the people who want to order Homemade Food prepared with the touch of their loved ones cooking style.

"Suvvai" empower women by providing them an opportunity to realize their enterprenal dream.

However the dream of starting a restaurant by an amazing cook ends up at her own kitchen.

Suvvai provides a platform for these amazing cooks to take their talent beyond their own kitchen and start their virtual restaurant & operate on their own convenience and timing. We pledge a bond between the mothers who cook for their children with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and people who seeks to have a homemade food prepared & delivered with the touch of their mothers cooking style.

More than spices its the love and affection that add taste to the food.

We connect the people who wish to taste homemade food with their mothers cooking style with mothers who can cook for them. With Suvvai, people can order homemade food made by mothers who take care of the health aspects when cooking food for their family.

Suvvai is a place, where you can order homemade food cooked by mothers who care for their childrens.

"We are coming soon to meet you"